What is Bau Zone?

Bau Zone is an app dedicated to dogs and theirs human friends for support on their travels.

Is Bau Zone Free?

Yes, Bau Zone is an totally free app. You will never pay for this service.

What can I do see with Bau Zone?

Bau Zone allows you see different points of interest (POI) that you will need to travel with your dog.
The POI are: dog parks (dog areas), national parks where your dog is admitted or not allowed, hotels, beaches, veterinary clinics, pet shops, e-commerce shops and the informations on documents, vaccinations or treatments required for travelling with your dog.

What languages are available?

Bau Zone can translate in five different languages: english, german, italian, french and spanish but you will not do nothing. The app automatically detect your phone language and translate the informations. If your language is not present Bau Zone use english how default language.

I am a pet friendly hotel/veterinry clinics/pet shop, how can I enter my bussines?

That is very simple. You can send an e-mail at info@bau-zone.com with your request.

Is the insertion of my business free?

Yes, the insertion of your business is totaly free.